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Frequently Asked Questions


When will I get my order?
As soon as possible. We are however in our peak season and while our (in-state)customers are used to getting their package in 1-2 days after ordering, it take longer to process orders during the months of August and September. We know that all of our customers need supplies right away and that is why we are busy filling orders all hours of the night and day.
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Do you sell wholesale?
Although many consider our pricing to be wholesale as it is way below the Manufacturer Suggested Retail price, the price listed is the price we sell to the public. We do offer quantity discounts on most products from 5%-60% off. Our retail store affiliate "The Saleplace" offers a lower price (many consider below wholesale) that is only available to in-store customers only due to the extremely low profit margins (not enough profit to cover the expenses related to online commerce).
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Do I have to shop online or can I visit your store in person?
While Monster Spirit is online only, you will benefit greatly by visiting our affiliate store - The Saleplace. Monster Spirit is the online outlet for The Saleplace Team Spirit products. YOu will find a much larger selection at the store.
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Can I buy Tax Exempt if I have a resell tax number?
Yes. You can enter your tax number upon checkout however tax will show on your invoice until we remove it. You wil not be charged tax if a number is entered. You will need to submit the online form (see top right of home page) to process order quickly however we still need a hard copy on file so please complete your tax form (link at bottom of tax Form page) and fax or email to us (fax 972-557-2552).
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Do you have a printed catalog?
Currently we do not have a printed catalog. You may shop online only at this time.
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Is there a Minimum Order?
There is no minimum order at Monster Spirit.
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Do you accept Purchase Orders or offer Payment Terms?
Monster Spirit does not acccept purchase orders and does not offer payment terms. All purchases must be made with a Credit Card, Paypal, or Check by mail (call for details).
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Do you accept returns?
Due to the seasonal nature of the product we sell we no longer accept returns unless the shipment was due to our error.
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What is the affiliation with Monster Spirit and The Saleplace? is The Saleplace's online outlet for team spirit related products. While the companies are completely separate, there is shared ownership.
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I want to purchase an item I have seen at "The Saleplace", how can I purchase it from Monster Spirit?
If there is a product The Saleplace sells that is not listed then simple email your request and we will list it on the site for you to purchase.
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I want to make a trip to The Saleplace but I live very far away. Is it worth the drive?
A large percentage of The Saleplace customers drive hundreds of miles to stock up on homecoming supplies due to the enormous selection and low prices. In over 30 years there has never been a customer disappointed in the selection. Be sure to have your Texas State Sales and Tax Permit if you are expecting to buy wholesale. Also check The Saleplace website ( ) for criteria.
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My credit card declined payment when I know the funds are in the account.
As of the beginning of 2010 all banks have very tight controls on credit card processing therefore your billing address and security code must be entered correctly or payment will show "declined". If your order is declined your bank may still hold the funds as they may approve the transaction while our bank denies it. This will be removed automatically in 3-7 days by your bank depending on your banks policies. Multiple declines may appear as multiple charges until your bank releases the hold on the funds. If your card declines and you know the funds are in the bank - please email or call us and we can manually enter your information for you.
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$25 Minimum Purchase

Starting July 1st The Saleplace will be opened Sundays through October.

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