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What is a Football Mum?

Football mums have been a long time tradition in Texas and are growing in popularity across the south and abroad. Football mums also called Homecoming Mums, Spirit Mums or just simply "Mums" began years ago as a corsage with a live ball mum or chrysanthemum and was given by a boy to his date for the homecoming dance in high school.

Since the corsage was worn to the homecoming game as well as the dance, the ribbons were often chosen to match the team colors. It did not take long for florists to begin writing on the ribbons with glue and sprinkling glitter on to add a touch of dazzle. The ribbons began to get longer, bells were added, charms and trinkets (originally Christmas decorations) were added to show "team spirit".

The growing popularity of the football mum became a big season for the florist. Valentines and Mothers Day kept the florists busy during the spring and early summer but now there was a fall event that provided income. One big problem surfaced. Due to the live flower - these creations could not be made far in advance - hence the artificial football mum.

Glitter and glue was also a very messy way to write on the ribbons and soon glitter stickers were created as an easier and better looking alternative. The importers of Christmas decorations, cowbells, etc. began to see the need for "team spirit" related charms, trinkets, and garlands. Thus an industry was born.

In the early 1980's a small craft store by the name of The Saleplace began selling supplies for making football mums to the public. Other early "pioneers" of the retail mum industry include Audria's Crafts. By the late 80's store such as Michael's and Amber's offered the supplies to the public. This availability created a cottage industry in Texas and provided a source of extra income for many crafty people throughout the state.

Football mums have become one of the most profitable fund raising opportunities for booster clubs and organizations today. Many schools and booster clubs report this project as their "biggest money maker".

The phenomenon is on the move. For years the football mum has been spreading in popularity across the south ans is now very common in states such as Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas and North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia are catching up fast.

As the saying goes "everything is bigger in Texas" - including corsages and team spirit. Texans truly do have Monster Spirit

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