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Unique Stickers for Mums and Garters

In the beginning of 2012 Monster Spirit acquired Texas Spirit Supply - a leading manufacturer of stickers to the homecoming mum industry. While Monster Spirit has always been heavily involved with its affiliation with Texas Spirit Supply, full control over the company should result in greater inventory levels as well as new designs and materials. Owner and founder of Monster Spirit - Greg Reid has designed or produced most of the Texas Spirit Supply designs including the "Retro" alphabet which has increased greatly in popularity since its introduction to the marketplace in 2003. 

Another popular font is the larger "Windsor" 1.5" sticker letters. These are sold by the sheet per letter/number or in word sets such as Homecoming,  King/Queen, and Court. This font is also available in a more elegant material for the floral funeral market and is available in many word sets such as Mom/Mother, Beloved, With Love, Family etc. Greg Reid also created the extremely popular "Mum Decor Set" which quickly gives "pop" a boring and bland homecoming mum. 

Monster Spirit is proud to manufacture products in the USA and anticipates continued loyalty with its already established customers.

$25 Minimum Purchase

Starting July 1st The Saleplace will be opened Sundays through October.

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