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Gideons International
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We've Got Spirit - How About You?

It is our mission at Monster Spirit to spread more than team spirit. We feel it is our duty and responsibility as Christians
to also spread the the Good News regarding salvation to those that have not had the chance to hear or fully understand the plan God has set out for humanity. We know this is a little out of the ordinary but we believe those that fully understand their purpose in life will also become a little out of the ordinary - since that is what we are called to be. As for you skeptics - been there. As a "logical" thinker I had to look deep and hard to be convinced. I was certain the more I researched the more I would find out this Jesus story was not so true. I was wrong. I challenge anyone to go deep with your research and you will find the greatest treasure life has to offer.
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Also check out this link. If you do not have a church you can view sermons right online anytime. Pretty cool Church. Very cool purpose.
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